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Product Think Tank LLC brand product and consulting. 

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Why we use Natural Fibers

Microfiber Migration is an environmental issue - by using natural fibers we can help reduce the amount of plastic microfiber in our environment.

If you’d like to read more on this topic here are some helpful links:


We source from small to mid sized family owned producers in countries where those who create our goods have a voice both at work and at home. By limiting where we produce, we choose to help finance suppliers and governments that allow for the rights, creativity, and talents of individuals to flourish.

Our Brand Name

think tank

/ˈTHiNGk ˌtaNGk/


  1. a body of experts providing advice and ideas on specific political or economic problems.

    "a think tank devoted to the study of political and economic integration"

Product Think Tank - we are a body of experts creating products while keeping in mind the political and economic impact of supporting where we source our products from.