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Cotton full zip hoodie with cotton scarf wrapped around man's neck in wintery scene


Our Hoodies take "Hoody" to the next level. For many, ours are the first, or only hoody in their wardrobe. Crafted using natural fibers and trims, our hoodies are sweaters, not sweatshirts. They drape beautifully and the hoods serve to warm the neck area. We've used wool, cotton, and blends of them to create gorgeous colorful comfortable pieces.

Many of our hoodies are designed unisex to support the diversity of those who love our goods.
Not sure which size to pick? Contact us for a fitting consult.

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Zip Line HoodieZip Line Hoodie
Zip Line Hoodie Sale price$134.99
Lincoln Brook HoodieLincoln Brook Hoodie
Lincoln Brook Hoodie Sale price$112.99
Lincoln Brook Zip Line HoodieLincoln Brook Zip Line Hoodie
Mountain Mix HoodieMountain Mix Hoodie
Mountain Mix Hoodie Sale price$119.99
Full CottonhoodieFull Cottonhoodie
Full Cottonhoodie Sale price$109.99
Hilltop HoodieHilltop Hoodie
Hilltop Hoodie Sale price$139.99
Fuller Hill HoodieFuller Hill Hoodie
Fuller Hill Hoodie Sale priceFrom $99.99
Harris Hill HoodiesHarris Hill Hoodies
Harris Hill Hoodies Sale priceFrom $169.99
Worthy WoolieWorthy Woolie
Worthy Woolie Sale price$134.99
Warren WoolhoodieWarren Woolhoodie
Warren Woolhoodie Sale price$149.99
Full WoolahoodieFull Woolahoodie
Full Woolahoodie Sale price$124.99
Camel's Hump HoodieCamel's Hump Hoodie
Camel's Hump Hoodie Sale price$249.99
Basketweave HoodieBasketweave Hoodie
Basketweave Hoodie Sale price$139.99
Heavy Zip Line HoodieHeavy Zip Line Hoodie
Heavy Zip Line Hoodie Sale price$144.99
Heavy Hemlock Hill HoodieHeavy Hemlock Hill Hoodie
Heavy Hemlock Hill Hoodie Sale price$139.99
Hump Brook HoodieHump Brook Hoodie
Hump Brook Hoodie Sale priceFrom $149.99
Paradise Wool Zip Line HoodieParadise Wool Zip Line Hoodie
Boucle HoodieBoucle Hoodie
Boucle Hoodie Sale price$159.99