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Mindful Design & Production practices

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Strong Supplier Relationships 

After over 30 years of designing for many well known brands and sourcing from near and far, Annemarie Furey has launched this line to offer beautifully crafted pieces which reflect her sewing and tailoring background and decades of relationships with apparel makers. Who makes our clothing and where it comes from matter. Just as consumers are more aware of their choices in food products, we seek to help educate them about how clothing purchases can have a similar impact. 

We build great products with great people and source from small - mid sized family owned factories located in democracies. Just as a chef collaborates directly with suppliers in the "Farm to Table" movement, we design products collaboratively with our family owned factories. During Covid we continued to work with our factories to accept goods as they were ready, and didn't cancel any orders in process. 

We've chosen to only source from democracies to avoid funding labor practices occurring in some communist countries.
*While we have decades of experience with some suppliers, we continue to search for smaller makers who would benefit from our collaborating with them.

Earth-Friendly Practices

Fully Fashioned knitting means that each panel is knit to size and then linked together. Whenever possible we choose this method as it eliminates the waste created by traditional cut/sew methods. 

Natural Fibers and Trims mean less use of petrochemical based fibers.

We design styles for you to love and wear over and over. By designing pieces that work for multiple generations with quality construction, we seek to eliminate the enviornmental issues associated with goods that fall apart and/or go out of style quickly. 

One of our knitters has a rainwater harvest program. They capture rainwater to use for processes, test it to be sure it's OK after use, and then it irrigates an organic fruit & vegetable farm surrounding their factory that they also manage. Images below show the front of the factory with the rainwater catch, irrigation, and crops. This means that there's no waste of the water resource. 

The Viscose we use...

Not all viscose is created equal. Our viscose is sourced from a source that grows more trees than they cut, thus increasing the green cover. We think transparency about this is important so you know you're not supporting the cutting of endangered/ancient forests. We asked them for an easily understood graphic and they sent us this (they have the best score at top of chart). 

Why we use Natural Fibers

Microfiber Migration is an environmental issue - by using natural fibers we can help reduce the amount of plastic microfiber in our environment.

If you’d like to read more on this topic here are some helpful links:

Giving Back 

We regularly donate to local nonprofit organizations. Organizations include those focused on the environment, our community, and animal welfare.

If your organization would like to host us for a fundraising Trunk Show please reach out to *Due to Covid 19 these are currently on hold but we can start a conversation for the future.



We source from small to mid sized family owned producers in countries where those who create our goods have a voice both at work and at home. By limiting where we produce, we choose to help finance suppliers and governments that allow for the rights, creativity, and talents of individuals to flourish.

Our Brand Name

think tank

/ˈTHiNGk ˌtaNGk/


  1. a body of experts providing advice and ideas on specific political or economic problems.

    "a think tank devoted to the study of political and economic integration"

Product Think Tank - we are a body of experts creating products while keeping in mind the political and economic impact of supporting where we source our products from.

Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce